Members Rewards and Benefits - BFF Club
Rewards & Benefits
You can earn rewards and benefits as a member of the BFF Club. Points are earned for every person sent to Barbados, on the condition that the information is validated.

Only legal citizens or residents or special visa entry holders from the following countries are currently eligible to participate in this program - Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and Panama.

Bonus points are awarded when your visitors stay in paid accommodation, such as a hotel, apartment or villa. It will be necessary to have a minimum balance of 2500 points to redeem a reward. You may also choose to accumulate your points for bigger payouts for lump sum payouts.

It takes five persons with validated accommodation to earn 2,500 points. Members can check accrued points and balances by logging on to their accounts.

BFF top producers from each core market will be recognised and presented with prestigious awards on an annual basis.


  • 250 points for every visitor
  • 250 Bonus points for every visitor staying in approved accommodations (registered property members or BHTA or IHB).
  • 2500 points = 200* (Currency of member's residence)
  • Members must earn 2500 points in order to make the first claim, and must always have a balance of 2500 to make further claims.
  • Points do not expire
Rewards will be paid in the currency of the registered country of residence of the member. For example, UK members will be paid £200; USA members US$200 and Canadian members CN$200. This new rate of $200 in local currency applied to points that have been acquired after 1st March 2018. All other previously acquired points that qualify for a cash reward will be redeemed at the rate of $100 local currency.


BFF members can also receive special discounts from participating hotels, ground activities and other services while visiting Barbados on your own travel.Please follow us on Facebook to see our most recent offers -