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About Our Club

Nothing compares to the pride you feel when you describe to a friend the undulating festival fever that perfumes the air each Crop Over season; or the laughter when you explain that ‘cheese on bread’ has nothing to do with food. Somehow, no matter the occasion, it always boils down to the phrase “You just have to visit Barbados!
About Barbados Family & Friends Club

How the Programme Works

Joining is simple, immediate and well worth it. Take a look at our quick guide below to learn how the Barbados Family & Friends Club works and start earning rewards today!
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    Create an account in five minutes and you’re ready to get started.
  • Start Earning
    Submit the details of those you’ve sent to Barbados for validation. You’ll receive 250 points for every validated visitor, and a further 250 bonus points for those staying in partner accommodations!
  • Redeem Your Rewards
    Once you have earnt 2,500 points, you will be able to use your earned points to redeem exciting rewards. What’s more, BFF members can also receive special discounts from participating hotels, attractions and other services while visiting Barbados on your own travel.
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We Gatherin' Barbados - Vision 2020

We Gatherin' will focus on rebuilding that spirit of community at the core of our traditional Barbadian way of life. It will provide opportunities for all Barbadians to celebrate, participate and invest in events and projects across the entire island.
  • When is We Gatherin
    We Gatherin’ will commence in the north of the island in January 2020 moving southward every month with each parish being designated its own month to showcase the icons, social life and food for which it is renowned. The parish celebrations will culminate in St. Michael in the month of November and We Gatherin’ will reach a climax in December 2020 when there will be an elaborate Christmas extravaganza for Barbadians at home, Barbadians abroad and Barbadians at heart to come together for a traditional “old time Bajan Christmas”.
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  • Fellowship
    A series of faith based services and events will take place in each parish.
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  • Food
    The best of bajan cuisine will be showcased during 2020.
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  • Community Events
    Family reunions, Inter-parish sporting events, Major concerts, Entertainment and Cultural events.
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  • Genealogy
    Trace your roots and heritage at our genealogy market place.
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  • National Event Series
    A series of events featuring talented local and international Barbadian cultural and creative practitioners.
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  • Bajan Philanthropy
    The drive provides an opportunity for Barbadians at home and in the diaspora to make financial contributions through an online platform.
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What’s Happening In Barbados

Stay up to date with the latest news, promotions, festivals and events in Barbados.