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What is the Barbados Family & Friends Club?
The Barbados Family & Friends Club is a program designed for the Barbados Diaspora in our key overseas markets specifically to increase the visitor arrivals to Barbados, and at the same time reward members for their efforts in reaching out to friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and convincing them to visit Barbados.
How do I enroll in the Barbados Family & Friends program?
You can become a Barbados Family & Friends member by visiting the site online and completing the "Membership Sign Up" form.
What will I receive when I complete the "Membership Sign Up" form?
You will receive an email with your welcome letter, which will contain a username and password required to access the "Logged In" portion of the website.
How long will it take for me to receive my Welcome Pack once I submit my details online?
Please allow up to thirty (30) days from the time of submission before you receive your Welcome Pack in the mail.
Are people living in Barbados eligible to participate in the Barbados Family & Friends program?
No, applicants must live outside of Barbados in order to be eligible for enrollment in the program.
Points Submission:
How do I earn points?
You will earn points for each visitor, you refer, who travels to Barbados. Points will be awarded on Air Travel to Barbados and also for Accommodation in Hotels and Guest Houses. Points will be validated by the BTMI to ensure that travel took place.
How do I submit information to earn points?
You can submit points claims online by visiting the Barbados Family & Friends website and selecting the "Submit Points" option under the "Your Points" heading.
How long will validation of my points take once I submit the details online?
Points validation will take once a month.
When can I submit travel details for validation?
Details for travel can only be submitted once the trip is done. No claims can be submitted before the End Date of the visit. Claims must be submitted within six (6) months of the passengers departure from Barbados.
Is there a minimum duration required to receive points for Flight bookings?
Yes, the traveler must be in Barbados for a minimum of 3-days/2-nights.
Is there a minimum night stay required to receive points for Accommodation bookings?
Yes, the occupant must stay at the location for a minimum of 3-days/2-nights.
Is the customer only entitled to one Accommodation claim per trip?
Yes, only one Accommodation claim can be awarded per trip.
What happens if more than one BFF member tries to claim points for the same person?
The BFF member who submitted the claim first will be awarded the points.
How many points do customers earn for each type of travel?
Flights are worth 250 points per person
Hotel/Guest House/Villa Accommodations are worth 250 points per person
How are Flight points awarded?
Flight points are awarded for each person travelling to Barbados.
How are Accommodation points awarded?
Accommodation points are awarded for hotel room booking.
Will my points expire?
No, BFF points will not expire.
What can I redeem by BFF points for?
BFF points have a cash value. Points can be redeemed online by logging onto the Barbados Family & Friends website and selecting the "Redeem Points" option under the "Your Points" heading.
Is there a minimum number of points required before I can redeem?
Yes, you must have at least 2,500 points on your account in order to submit a redemption claim. Points will be awarded in blocks of 250 points.
How will I receive my redeemed points?
Once you have entered your redemption online a cheque will be prepared by the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and delivered to the address on your account. It is your responsibility to ensure you're your account details are kept up to date i.e., change of address, email, etc.
How much are redeemed points worth?
Every 2500 points = $200.00
What currency will my redeemed points be paid in?
Redeemed points will be paid in the currency of the country that the BFF member is registered
How long will it take to receive my redeemed points once I submit the details online?
30 to 45 days
Account Maintenance:
How do I change information on my account such as address or phone number?
To update your account simply log on to the Barbados Family & Friends website and update your details by clicking on the "Your Account" heading.